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۱۳۹۲ شهریور ۱, جمعه

Independent Unions’ Struggle against the Imperialists’ Sanctions

The Iranian labor-union movement has, and will fight against all kinds of foreign sanctions and interference in the country.

Recently, a letter regarding the interfering sanctions, signed by two labor unions, the Mechanical Metal-Workers’ Syndicate and the Board for Reconstitution of the Tehran Painting and Decorating Workers’ Syndicate, was published. A segment of this letter indicates: “Considering our country’s difficult economic conditions, which beset the Iranian workers; these sanctions have caused production recession in the sanctioned industries, higher inflation, more poverty, and also will lead to workers’ unemployment and decay of the toilers’ families ……These sanctions constitute an unannounced war against the Iranian toilers, and target the workers’ families.”

It is perfectly clear that imposing sanctions have had horrible affects and consequences for majority of the Iranian people, especially the workers. Only the big capitalists connected to the government have benefited from the sanctions and have added to their political influence and economic power. In unity and harmony, all real and independent workers’ organizations must organize a multilateral struggle against the sanctions and government’s economic policies.