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۱۳۹۲ تیر ۲۸, جمعه

NOTE: Who we are

The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations is a committee containing labor activists that consider supporting, cooperation and joint struggle with the Iranian labor-union movement as their primary responsibility.

The Committee considers itself as an inseparable component, ally and supporter in the labor-union movement’s struggles; and will make all efforts to reflect Iranian workers’ heroic struggle, role and activities of the independent unions, and workers’ protest movement among the international labor-union movement and progressive forces.

Regardless of different variances in all phases among the world’s workers, we believe they stand in a united rank in the international labor front, where the Iranian workers and toilers constitute one of the battalions of this broad international front.    

At the same time, the Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations, believes and is bound to the rooted traditions of the Iranian workers’ glowing labor-union movement, which has more than a century of life span.

We extend our support and cooperation to all our worker brothers and sisters and labor-rights activists, and with open arms welcome all joint activities for the Iranian labor-union movement’s immediate and long-term interests.

Resolute support for the freedom and labor-union rights, exposing and supporting workers’ struggle against policy of repression and prosecution towards labor-union activists, opposing anti-worker programs, opposing imperialist sanctions, supporting the blue and white color workers’ rights, and also drawing international support for the Iranian workers’ struggles, will be the main concern of the Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations and its bulletin, Etehadkargar.

Please contact us and send reports, news and your opinions.

The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations

E-mail:  etehadkargaran@gmail.com