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۱۳۹۲ بهمن ۱۵, سه‌شنبه

Detention of Labor Activists is a Violation of Labor-Union Rights

Concurrent with Hassan Rouhani government’s attempts concerning privatization, attracting of imperialist corporations and implementation of the “International Monetary Fund” and “World Bank” prescriptions, threatening, dismissal from work, detention and incarceration of labor activists by the Islamic Republic has increased.

The recent summon and subsequent detention of 20 workers of the Chadremlou Mine by security forces; earlier dismissal from work of the Chadremlou Trade Association’s Secretary and summoning and warning of three other Board members for using “extra caution” in their trade activities; detention of four Poli-Ekril workers’ representatives and incarcerating them in Dastgerd Prison; cutting Fajer-Petrochemical Factor Repair and Guard Unit labor activist’s benefits and preventing workers’ representative from entering the factory; preventing the “Pars-Goo” Margarine Factory’s Worker Consumption Cooperative President from entering the factory; dismissal from work and turning-in of nine Shiraz Estahban and Farapakesh Cement Factory workers’ elected representatives to the “judicial authorities”; are examples of workers’ repression, and Islamic Republic authorities’ targeted actions during the last few months.

High-ranking government authorities’ extensive attempts in “privatization” of national resources, “deregulation” in the work-places, expansion of “free economical zones”, guaranteeing “tax-exemption in the free economical zones”, making labor-force “cheaper”, crueler slashing of the subsidies (implementation of phase-two of the Targeting of the Subsidies), are inseparable parts of Rouhani and Islamic Republic’s main goal of creating “better conditions for foreign  investment”. Visiting of representatives from the Commerce House’s of 28 Asian and Pacific countries and presence of a “large French investment delegation” in our country, are examples of attempts for closer-ties with “world economy” and sale of our national resources.

According to the International Charter of Labor-Union Rights, strike is workers’ right. Because of strike and protest, one cannot fire or detain workers. Dismissal and detention of labor activists is a clear sign of the Islamic Republic’s fear of workers’ just struggle and brutal violation of labor-union rights. The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations condemns threatening, dismissal from work, detention and incarceration of labor activists by the Islamic Republic. Supporting labor activists and workers’ courageous representatives, organized and united struggle, is the only way to achieve workers’ demands, such as ensuring job security, wage increases according to the actual inflation rate and securing labor-union rights.   

The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations

Feb3rd ,2014