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۱۳۹۳ اردیبهشت ۸, دوشنبه

Two News Items from Official Iranian Newspapers

Worker House General Secretary’s Meeting with the Deputy General Secretary of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Tehran

Worker House’s Relation with European Union and Germany

According to ILANA, Islamic Republic’s Labor News-Agency, on Saturday, April 13, 2014, Ali Reza Mahjob, General Secretary of the Iranian Worker House (center for the government sanctioned labor organizations), met with Ralf Mutzenich, Deputy General Secretary of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) at the Worker House in Tehran. While emphasizing the Worker House organization’s support for the “Rouhani government’s general policies”, during the meeting Mahjob described differences in views between the Worker House organizations and the Rouhani government to be “minimal”, and considered “the Rouhani government’s intention….. in the framework of the health insurance plan….., as a prelude for social insurance……, and was hopeful regarding the unemployment insurance for the unemployed in the near future.” Rouhani government is planning to transfer the health funds of the Social Security Organization to the Ministry of Health, and workers are strongly opposed to it. The Social Security Organizations’ funds and properties belong to the workers and are the workers’ life-time savings.      

Iranian Government’s Request from IMF for Holding Training Sessions in Iran

According to the Mehr News-Agency, a high-ranking delegation from Iran, which included the Iran’s Director of the Central Bank and Iran’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, attended the International Monetary Fund’s spring meeting in the United States. During his trip to the United States, Iran’s Director of Central Bank met with Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund and provided  explanations regarding “country’s economic conditions,…., policies governing the Targeting of the Subsidies,……, and especially, the Iranian President’s economic policies and views.” During the meeting, Director of the Iranian Central Bank requested Christine Lagarde, that the International Monetary Fund hold “regional training sessions in Tehran”; Christine Lagarde agreed to his request. (Cutting of the subsidies from energy - gasoline, electricity, gas….- food items, other essential items and medicine is referred to as the Targeting of the Subsidies Program by the Iranian government)