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۱۳۹۳ آبان ۷, چهارشنبه

Labor News

Islamic Republic and its Extensive Cooperation with International Organization for Employers (IOE)

Brent Wilton, Secretary General of the International Organization for Employers (IOE), spent one day out of his three day visit to Iran in Yazd Province. According to ISNA’s October 9, 2014 report, Wilton indicated, “What I have seen is very different from what I had heard about Iran and it changed my point of view concerning Iran……. Iran’s management organization in the region is very important for the International Organization (for Employers)……..Our advise to governments is to get the private sector involved, provide counsel and establish organizations similar to the management organizations in the labor sector.”

Privatization and Devastation of Workers’ Job Security

In a conversation with ILNA, on October 14, 2014, Mohammad Ali Madady, a member of the Islamic Republic Parliament’s Economic Commission indicated, “Melat Bank does not have the required capability for owning Azarbijan’s steel mill company…… Investigation has revealed, this factory was sold to private sector 80 million dollars (one dollar is approximately 3200 Tomans), bellow its real value…….Sales to private sector ……are being done according to taste and vast violations; they have put a for sale sign on national assets….. According to the President of the Privatization Organization, most privatizations have been done during 2013 and 2014; and most of them have problems…… With my own eyes I see conspiracy and clear violations taking place in privatizations; over night they put the company in high-exchange auction and ultimately they sell it to certain people……Private sector has only recognized 241 of the 750 workers (workers employed by the factory)……condition of the rest is unknown.”          

Women’s Employment will be curtailed

After pre-school teachers’ protest gatherings, where they are rightfully concerned of their current and future living conditions, and up to now, despite promises they have not been hired officially; by presenting a plan to the Islamic Republic’s parliament, 36 of the representatives demanded further curtailment for women’s employment.

Workers’ Rights in the Free Economic Zones are being trampled on

Workers’ Insurance Benefits Collected in the Geshm Island’s Free Trade Zone are being trampled on by the Management of the Free Trade Zone Organization

In persistent implementation of the International Monetary Fund’s and World Bank’s dictated policies, Islamic Republic is making all its efforts for destruction of the Social Security Organization and plunder of its assets and capital; assets accumulated through decades of workers’ payments to their insurance fund; where 30 percent of the workers’ monthly salary was deducted by this Organization for their retirement and medical care.

In the so called Free Economic Zones, they have denied workers of their most fundamental rights. According to a labor activist in the Geshem Island’s Free Economic Zone, during the last eighteen months, Geshem Free Economic Zone Organizations’ income from the management portion of the housing workers’ insurance benefits was more than 5.6 million dollars (one dollar is approximately 3200 Tomans).

During these 18 months, not only even one worker has not been insured, but insurance share of 800 housing workers have been canceled as well; and 5.6 million dollars of management portion of the housing workers’ insurance benefits has been swindled.     

Children’s Work in Brick Factories

According to September 19, 2014 ILNA’s report, President of the Shams-Abad Brick Factory Workers’ Trade Association, while pointing to difficulties these families are facing when enrolling their children in current school year, he stated, “In most cases, the schools around brick factories are full to their maximum capacity; and enrollment for children of this group of workers often become possible only with pleading and begging. 

Most workers employed in the brick factories, after their children reach a certain age, instead of attending schools, they prefer their children to work and help them. This preference is not due to the lack of conscious for realizing the importance of education; but, it is because of having no other alternatives for providing for their living.

Sources: Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), and Mehr News Agency