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۱۳۹۲ تیر ۲۸, جمعه

Restoring Labor-Union Rights is the Urgent Task for the Current Period

During the recent years, our country’s workers and toilers have faced immeasurable difficulties and obstacles.

Widespread use of the temporary and blank-signature contracts, extensive dismissals at the factories and small and large production plants, wages lower than the inflation rate, vanishing of job security and detention and prosecution of labor activists, and fearful atmosphere at the industrial and service centers are some of the difficulties making living conditions for workers and their families grave and unpleasant.       

There is hardly a day not to witness distraught workers’ protests against anti-people social-economical programs dictated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

In our country, for more than two decades, based on neo-liberal models, different governments of the Islamic Republic have implemented orders and prescriptions of these two international capitalist organizations. The result of implementation of these policies is in front of us: Unjust distribution of income, wider class divisions and increasing of poverty in an alarming and unprecedented scale.

Workers more than other classes and social stratums have suffered damages and harm from implementation of these policies; therefore, with such programs that have targeted their interests, they have been, and are, in conflict and battle.  

During all these years, workers’ protest struggles against economic programs and the ruling autocracy have not been organized.

The reason that up to now, in their struggle against these policies and the people implementing them, workers have not achieved major victories, has turned into a key question among the Iranian workers’ existing labor-union movement.

Why the recent years’ struggles have not been able to force the reactionaries to make acceptable changes, in the interest of workers, in their economic-social policies?!

Where should we search for the cause of this problem?!

With a review of the recent years’ experiences, one can realize that the major and fundamental weakness of the workers’ protest movement is its separation and lack of organization.

In reality, due to the lack of independent unions, formed with genuine class orientation, reflecting and representing trade interests of all workers regardless of their viewpoint, ideology, religion and belief, in their struggles our country’s workers and toilers have not been able to achieve significant accomplishments.

Labor-union rights of Iranian workers are violently denied and suppressed. Without a doubt, devoid of independent trade organizations (union), workers will not be able to defend and guard their trade-benefit rights and interests and prevent encroachment and robbing of their rights and historical achievements by big capitalists.

A review of the process of reform of the Labor-Law and the Social-Security Law and their contents, proves that on the basis of the fifth-development-plan, which is based on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank’s prescriptions, the ruling reactionaries have prepared widespread provisions to raid the historical achievements of the workers.   

With the intension of restoring labor-union rights and establishing and reinstating independent unions, as workers we also have to fight with all our means and capabilities.

Only with a united struggle we can stop the big capitalists’ repeated assaults on the interests of the workers. Therefore, in current conditions, demand for freedom of labor-unions and prevention of government and its associates’ interference in labor-union activities, is a critical and urgent necessity.

The responsibility of genuine labor-unionists, independent unions and all labor activists is a joint and united struggle for restoring labor-union rights, and organizing wide spectrum of workers in labor-unions. Only with such an approach we can bolster the country’s existing labor-union movement and consolidate workers’ conditions in different arenas of life.