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۱۳۹۳ شهریور ۴, سه‌شنبه

Free Imprisoned Workers!

During the recent months, the Islamic Republic and Hassan Rouhani’s government, have increased pressure on the labor-union activists and the Iranian workers’ existing labor-union movement in general.

Since forming of the government and selecting Rabieih as Minster of Labor, a specific and calculated policy is being implemented against the working class and toilers. Rabieih, who was a leading member of the Workers’ House organization, affiliated with the government, and as a member of the security forces has a history of fight against workers’ syndicates, consistently works toward engineering of the workers’ protests and preventing formation of real workers’ syndicates, syndicates based on correct class nature. With the assistance of organizations such as the Center for Islamic Labor Council and other fraudulent organizations, the government’s and Ministry of Labor’s goal on this issue, is control of the workers’ labor-union movement and prevention of its becoming an effective force in the struggle against Islamic Republic’s social-economical orientation. The Islamic Republic’s strategy in the economic fields is completely clear; it is implementation of the privatization and free-market economic programs based on the International Monetary Fund’s and the World Bank’s prescriptions. Top regime leadership has put restoration of relations with the west, USA and European Union, as its top priority. For that reason, applying pressure on the labor and syndicate movement is implemented as a multi-faceted plan. All Islamic Republic efforts are directed at preventing restoration of the labor-union rights and inhibiting reinforcement and strengthening of the labor-union movement in our country’s social and political developments. It is exactly for that reason that workers are being detained, tortured and imprisoned. Labor and syndicate activists are fired from their jobs and are put under immense pressures. In fact the working class and Iran’s existing labor-union movement are being prosecuted and oppressed, so that more than ever, the Islamic Republic can strengthen its links with the international capitalism. Iranian workers and labor-union activists, including the imprisoned workers, are victims of the Rouhani government’s and Ali Khamaneeih’s Resistive-Economic policy of privatization and attracting and drawing of the imperialist monopoly capital. Islamic Republic, with the assistance of its reactionary and sham so called labor organizations, tries to control and manage the increasing workers and toilers’ protests against privatization and economic deregulation; and prevent its escalation into a strong, all inclusive and encompassing movement. With implementation of the imperialist organizations’, especially the International Monetary Fund’s and the World Bank’s dictated policies, currently in our country, all workers’ obvious labor-union rights are crushed and stepped on. Our country’s workers and toilers are denied of the most effective weapon in the labor’s struggle, the right to strike, Based on the Islamic Republic laws, the right to organize syndicates, is being crushed and trampled. Privatization and attracting and drawing of the imperialist monopolies, under the label of “flexible market”, have caused destruction of the millions or Iranian workers’ job security. Expansion of the temporary-contracts, are results of the Islamic Republic’s economic policies.

Based on what was indicated, one can understand the reason for oppression, prosecution and engineering of the workers’ protest movement. The imprisoned workers, are kept in prison, only and only for their labor-union activities and defending of the workers’ rights. With all its ability, the workers’ existing labor-union movement, struggles, and has struggled for freedom of the imprisoned workers and labor-union activists. This is a struggle against exploitation and profiteering, against privatization and for securing working class’s and toilers’ immediate and future interests.