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In Defense of Labor-Union Right, and Iranian Workers’ Right to Strike

Jail and lash Verdict for Razy Petrochemical Workers is a Brutal Violation of Labor-Union Rights

Mahshar’s Razy Petrochemical factory has 3000 workers and employees; where according to the Iranian Labor News Agency’s (ILNA) report, 1850 of the workers are employed by contractors (have temporary contracts). Even if they have almost similar qualifications with the permanent employees, workers employed by contractors earn “several times less than” the permanent employees. Petrochemical factory workers’ difficulties started in 2008; meaning at the time that “85 percent of the Razy Petrochemical factory’s shares were handed to the private sector (a Turkish company).” In protest against their unpaid wages and discriminatory pay scale between themselves and the permanent employees, on January 8, 2014, about 1000 contracted workers of the Petrochemical factory started several protest gatherings. Following workers representatives’ agreement “with the Executive Board and the government and security authorities”, workers ended their protest gatherings. Since the Managing Director did not follow through with his promises by the agreed date, on February 7, 2004, about 1000 Razy Petrochemical factory workers staged a protest gathering again. Following the manager’s filling of “disrupting the order, insult and threat” charges against workers, 8 Razy Petrochemical workers were summoned to the Mahshar General Revolutionary Court’s prosecutor’s office. On September 15, 2014, branch 103 of Mahshar’s General Court (penal), handed six months of jail sentence and 50 lashes to each of the four Razy Petrochemical workers; “workers who in early 2014 negotiations with the management, served as workers’ representatives.” The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations, considers the Islamic Republic judiciary’s cruel verdict as a clear violation of labor-union rights and legal international treaties, and strongly condemns it.       

The Iranian Committee for Labor-Union Relations