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۱۳۹۳ خرداد ۷, چهارشنبه

Iranian Labor-Union Movement and its Priorities

With the passing of the May Day, the International Workers’ Day, while celebrating this Day, our country’s existing labor-union movement and all labor activists are examining and analyzing the last year’s struggles, achievements, experiences, and are studying the reasons for the failures as well.

The past year was full of ups and downs. Using all possible means, Iran’s existing labor-union movement, especially the independent syndicates, were involved in a difficult struggle for restoration of the labor-union rights; while facing the targeted Islamic Republic policies, with alertness and class awareness they have tried and are trying to defend the nature and class-identity of their syndicates and their independence in action. Government’s barring of the workers’ rally and demonstration on the May Day, and police and security forces’ attack on the workers and detention of the labor-union activists on the May Day, once again showed that the Islamic Republic is very fearful of the labor-union movement’s presence; and with different forms is trying to suppress, contain and control it. Ministry of Labor’s deceiving maneuvers in dealing with the existing labor-union movement is happening in conditions that because of their opposition to the programs dictated by the imperialist organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the workers and labor activists are detained and sent to the prison. The Islamic Republic’s aim in exerting pressure on the independent syndicates is to prevent their struggle for restoration of the labor-union rights and establishment and restoration of the labor-unions with class orientation.    

Trade-union struggle for securing the immediate demands such as the wage increases according to the actual inflation-rate, elimination of the temporary-contracts, forcing the government to agree to the workers’ labor-union rights and the right for establishment of the real labor organizations based on genuine class orientation, is the struggle agenda of the labor-union activists and independent syndicates, where compared to the previous years, they have strengthened their rank and position within the labor’s collective protest movement. In addition, a critical point will be the intensification of efforts for restoration of labor-union rights as the primary axis for dire demands, and linking it with the immediate demands such as the wage increases, assuring job security, and opposition to privatization. Joint statement of several independent syndicates on the occasion of the May Day was a correct act and deserves admiration and is a sign of elevation of class consciousness. In spite of the shortcomings and numerous obstacles, with clarity one can mention that in this arena, the existing labor-union movement and labor activists have had successes and achievements as well; where with continuation of these actions, in the future their effects will become evident.        

Within the framework of the Islamic Republic’s general policy and program based on the devastating prescriptions dictated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, this year Hassan Rouhani government has set implementation of the second phase of the “Targeting of the Subsidies (cutting of the subsidies)”, Ali Khamaneeih – Islamic Republic Leader’s “Resistance Economic Program”, as its primary economical-social program. Program of economic deregulation, implemented in our country under the direction of the imperialist organizations, is completely devastating millions of Iranian workers’ lives and job security. In the framework of this program, deregulation of wages and prices will take place as well; and consequently, the Iranian working class will become the casualty of the programs aimed at the big capitalists gaining wealth and connecting with the foreign monopolies. Islamic Republic’s opposition to the right for establishment of the syndicates and detention of the labor and syndicate activists is being carried out exactly in the context of these programs. Islamic Republic is trying to neutralize and contain the immense power of the workers as an obstacle in front of implementation of its social-economical policies and its connection to the wagon of the international capitalism. Therefore, in the first place, using all possible openings, the primary task of the existing labor-union movement is the intensification of the struggle for restoration of the labor-union rights; and connected with that, is the unity in action within the ranks of the labor union movement. Activity in this arena will make relation between worker masses and the labor activists deeper and closer.         

Concerning securing trade-welfare rights, experience during the recent years’ struggles has shown that restoration of the labor-union rights is extremely important. No other association can (and country’s last thirty years of experience proves that) replace the syndicate organization.

At this phase, in defending workers’ interests against implementation of the economic programs, the need for establishment of syndicates with clear and correct class orientation, cannot be overlooked. The Iranian workers and toilers are entitled for their obvious rights, such the right for establishment of a syndicate and the right for protest. During the current year, the priority is the unity in action within the labor-union movement and strengthening of the struggle for restoration of the syndicate rights.  

United Workers Everything

Isolated Workers Nothing